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ADM RECON 30mm QD High



ADM RECON 30mm QD High


The American Defense Manufacturing RECON mounts are the perfect mix of tough and light. The rings are precisely machined and low profile and the quick release levers lock with a solid click.

This option is taller than usual with the very popular 1.93″ inch height.

For the price, the ADM mount will compete with any other scope mount on the market but come in $100 cheaper than other high-end offerings.

The only downside to this mount is the lack of support for a top-mounted red dot. However, you still have the option of mounting an offset red dot or using a red dot mount that goes directly around the tube of the scope. If you would like to mount your red dot directly to your scope mount, check out the options from brands like Reptilia, Geissele, and Badger Ordnance.


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